The American Cryptogram Association (ACA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the hobby and art of cryptanalysis — that is, learning to break ciphers.

Cryptography can be more than merely an entertainment for the enjoyment of ingenuity.  It engages the mind fully and can provide a healthy period of work for those unable to do much else. It can become a harmless addiction, a passion, so captivating are the efforts required in grappling with a problem. Cryptographers are diversified in every way. Hardly a trade or profession has missed representation among us. Age is not a factor; we have had members under 10 and over 90. Formal education seems totally unrelated to the curious talent.

We are banded together in an organization which represents everyone with these aims — to gain the most from a study of cryptograms, to form worth-while friendships, and to pass on the knowledge we have been able to add to the Art of Cryptography.

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