The Convention Committee is pleased to announce that David Oranchak, Sam Blake, and Jarl Van Eycke will be joint keynote presenters for the 2021 American Cryptogram Association’s convention! Dave, Sam and Jarl made history in 2020 for finding a solution to the previously-unbroken ZODIAC 340-character cipher, an effort recognized by law enforcement as a successful completion of the codebreaking efforts by amateur and law-enforcement cryptographers for over fifty years.

David Oranchak (A RICH ZIP CODE) is a computer programmer, creator of, and the leader of the cryptanalysis effort. Sam Blake is an applied mathematician who generated 650,000 transposition variations for automated analysis. Jarl Van Eycke is the creator of AZdecrypt, they key software tool used in the successful cryptanalysis.

The 2021 convention will be streamed to ACA members worldwide this year, and an in-person element in the United States is under consideration. Keep an eye on as well as the ACA’s social media platforms to be the first to know about venues, dates, and other convention announcements.