Updated Nov. 3, 2022

The ACA is planning to offer our next in-person convention in Aug-Sept. 2024! We plan to use the
extended timeline to ensure that online participants get as full of an experience as is possible, and to
allow for new innovations in how we structure our conventions.

Timeline to 2024 Convention

  • Online Convention Committee work to determine requirements – going on now
  • Host bid solicitation opens on May 1, 2023 (also included in the MJ2023 Cm)
  • Host bids due July 15, 2023, including candidate hotels and selected dates
  • 2024 Host and Site location announcement at 2023 ACA Convention, Aug/Sept. 2023
  • 2024 Convention to take place in Aug/Sept. 2024

How You Can Help

  • Ideas about online conventions? Share them with the Online Convention Committee at
    onlinecommittee at cryptogram dot org.
  • Thoughts on how our in-person events can be improved? Share them with the Board at
    eb at cryptogram dot org.
  • We’ll need the following volunteers for the event:
    • Host: coordinates hotels, caterers, speakers, events, and subteams. Team of 2 recommended. Presence at in-person site required.
    • Online Technology coordinators. One needed on site; one needed at a remote location.
    • Cipher Contest constructors
    • Book Sharing Table coordinator
    • Local Experts – make list of local attractions and events as alternatives for spouses.