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You may be required to enter the USER NAME and password a second time when accessing items in the Members Area.

Our members area of the now requires 8 alpha-numeric characters in the password to access the part of the website. When prompted, enter the User name: ACA and the Password: This can be found on page 11 in the current issue of The Cryptogram (Cm)


As an alternate method of entry, you may use the User name: ACAPREV and the Password: This can be found on page 11 in the previous issue of Cm


Please be aware that the password is changed on the first day of the month of the new Cm. (for example: Jan. 1 for JF issue) It is possible for you to get the new Cm in the mail before the 1st of the month and still need to use the old Cm password with the User name ACA to access the Members Area.

NOTE: If you log in and don't receive an error message, but are not taken to the page you requested from the menu, you should still be able to access the Members area from the menu, as usual.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with redirection on login, and hope to have them fixed shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.  

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